Feature article from Baking and Snack magazine in which Sightline vision inspection systems are used for inspection of bread products.
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In this feature article from industry-leading Baking and Snack Magazine, Aryzta North America explains the many important innovations they have implemented, including 3 custom-designed In-Line Vision Inspection Systems with remote Dashboard monitoring from Sightline, as part of their commitment to efficiency and continuous improvement.

About Sightline In-Line Vision Inspection

The Sightline In-Line Vision Inspection Systems are turn-key solutions designed to be quickly installed into any new or existing production line to extract any combination of over 200 QA measurements, including color attributes of the bottom surface, from 100% of all products on the line at a throughput rate of up to 100 objects/second. To learn more, visit the In-Line product page here.

About measura® Dashboard Real-Time Production Monitoring Solution

All Sightline Vision Inspection solutions offer the option of deploying the measura® Dashboard to monitor quality assurance (QA) and production performance in real time from anywhere in the facility.

  • Configure any 5 measurements per dashboard
  • Multiple display platforms (large monitor, laptop, mobile)
  • Visual alarms based on your specification settings
  • Ethernet capability

Read more about Sightline Vision Inspection capabilities here.

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