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EM-10 Oven

CHOPIN Technologies

EM-10 Oven
KPM Analytics Baked Bread


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The EM10 determines moisture content of all cereals and powders (flours) using the reference method, plus it checks and calibrates quick analyzers such as NIR and moisture meters. The unit is composed of 10 separated compartments for analyzing 10 samples simultaneously.

  • Analyze all types of cereals and powders
  • 10 individual compartments equivalent to 10 separate ovens
  • Drying range of 30°C to 150°C (86°F to 302°F)
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Complimentary device for many quality testing processes
  • Determine moisture content using the reference method.
  • Check / calibrate quick analyzers(moisture meters, NIR).
  • Measure all cereals (oily, high-protein cereals, etc.) and powders (flour, semolina, bran, etc.).  


EM-10 Oven
  • EM-55 Cup set (SINGLE DIAMETER) 50mm

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EM10 Oven
Test Time
Operator Time
Standards Met
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EM10 Oven
L 280 x D 280 x H 580
14 Kg (net), 22 Kg (gross)
450 W, 230 VAC - 50/60 Hz
90 minutes
10 minutes
ISO 721 ; AACC 44-20.01 ; AACC 44-15.02 ; ICC 110/1 ; FTWG 0008 ; GOST 9404-88
30°C to 150°C
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