Earth provides us with rich gifts of water and soil. KPM provides testing and analysis equipment to ensure those elements are safe for producing drinking water, proper sanitation, and food production.

Environmental applications provide critical data to governmental and private groups to ensure safe public utilities and protect our natural resources. Applications in this area include many types of water analysis, from fresh drinking water to wastewater treatment and natural stream and lakes, seawater, and soil testing. Efficient and automated testing provides the critical monitoring of these infrastructure systems, ensuring safe drinking water and proper sanitation for municipalities of all sizes.

Effective monitoring of these critical public utilities and resources is greatly enhanced with automated analyzers, which increase throughput, lower human errors, and reduce technical resources necessary. KPM Analytics continuous flow analyzers (CFA)and discrete analyzers are trusted in hundreds of public and private laboratories worldwide, where they provide essential data to critical infrastructure every day. A selection of colorimetric, turbidometric and enzymatic assays is available for testing many critical parameters according to ISO and EPA approved methods.

In addition to water testing, our automated analyzers are used in AgriFood industries and wine and beverage applications where highly repeatable, automated testing ensures consistent production and high-quality consumer products and in the dairy industry characterizing and monitoring cultured products.

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