CHOPIN Technologies

CHOPIN Technologies
CHOPIN Technologies
CHOPIN Technologies

With over a century of excellence, CHOPIN products have helped pioneer new methods for analyzing cereals, flours and their derivatives. These methods and products are recognized by numerous international standards including ISO, EN, AFNOR, AACC, and ICCa, and serve as a reference in the industry for compositional and functional analysis. CHOPIN products help customers ensure operational specifications, regulatory compliance and quality standards are met. Many of the food products you consume on a daily basis have been analyzed by the manufacturer and tested for quality using a CHOPIN product.


Legal Information: The gender equality index for the year 2023 under the 2022 data is incalculable for CHOPIN Technologies.

CHOPIN Technologies

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What Our Customers Say

CHOPIN Technologies

Hendrik Begemann

Global Head of Business Unit


We’re proud to be one of the best-known companies in the world  providing customized solutions for standardizing, improving and  fortifying flour. We work closely with worldwide experts in grain, flour and dough analysis -like the team at  CHOPIN Technologies -to stay at the cutting edge of innovation.

CHOPIN Technologies

Michael Weber

Principal of the Prestigious Institution Swiss Milling School


We teach our students - who are trained for management positions in grain milling and process technology -that it is critical to obtain accurate measurements throughout the process. The Alveograph, Mixolab and SDmatic from CHOPIN Technologies quickly and effectively get you those vital measurements.


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