Sightline Process Control

Sightline Process Control
Sightline Process Control

Sightline Process Control products are specialized, 3D color vision technologies used in inspection systems and automation solutions for process control. Used by some of the world’s largest manufacturers since 2009, Sightline products utilize imaging techniques that improve product quality, increase line productivity and reduce operating costs for food customers such as bakery, snack food, and meat & poultry. Sightline systems are changing the way manufacturers inspect products and open the possibilities for improving product quality at every detail - from size, shape, and color to the placement ingredients.

Sightline Process Control

What Our Customers Say

Consistent Product Results Across All Plants

A major international fast food company needed better consistency of the buns served in over 6,500 restaurants globally. They turned to Sightline to establish automated QC  procedures and reporting for their 22 production facilities.

Using Sightline’s Vision Inspection Systems, every bun is inspected and either accepted or rejected based on company specifications. They now have reliable, timely data about  bun quality and consistency for every production run across all plants, resulting in waste reduction, improved franchise experience and higher customer satisfaction.

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