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Unity® Scientific
Unity® Scientific

Three decades of expertise in near-infrared (NIR) technology and thousands of installations around the world, prove that Unity® Scientific analyzers and sensors are an industry standard for determining the nutritional, chemical, and physical properties of various ingredients and products. Unity® technologies are being used every day to address laboratory and at-line quality inspection, and R&D applications in the food and agriculture markets. By providing precise and repeatable measurements, manufacturers immediately find value in efficiency and cost reduction, while delivering top quality products for their end user.

Key Technology

Unity® is an industry leader in near infrared (NIR) analyzers, used daily in thousands of locations globally, for quality control applications within the food & dairy, agricultural and environmental industries.

NIR technology offers many advantages over other techniques including:

  • Fast - samples are analyzed in under a minute
  • Simple - little or no sample preparation is required
  • Safe - uses no dangerous chemicals to purchase or dispose
  • Easy to implement - minimal training is required
  • Reliable - offers accurate, operator-independent results

The Unity® Scientific analyzers deliver highly accurate results to quality laboratories and production floors to ensure quality through the entire production process including:

  • Incoming raw material testing to verify ingredient quality and support claims
  • At-line testing ensuring proper batch or continuous processing conditions
  • Final product verification to ensure product quality and label or specification claims
Unity® Scientific

What Our Customers Say

Unity® Scientific

Miller Milling Company

Melody Farahani, Quality Manager

Saginaw, Texas

We use the Unity® Scientific SpectraStar 2600 XT in our lab for quality control purposes, running samples 6-10 times an hour from various control points in our milling process. The XT has definitely given us peace of mind when it comes to holding a calibration. We still look at primary analysis on a routine basis; however, the approach to primary analysis has become more balanced, from monitoring of the NIR performance to verification of the data. And whenever we need help, the quick response from the Unity® Scientific team has been terrific.

Unity® Scientific

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