With advanced technologies for testing and analyzing, we provide valuable insights for agriculture professionals to optimize production and reduce waste.

Agriculture is a diverse industry dedicated to producing avast array of natural products, mostly for human and animal consumption.  While production is inherently local, many of these products are shipped and processed great distances.  

While the end uses for agricultural products are widely varied, these products' quality requirements are more specialized everyday.  For example, dairy and livestock producers need to tightly control the nutritional composition of animal feeds and forage to optimize milk production and weight gain. Oilseed processors need to extract the maximum amount of oil, and the by-products are generally used for animal feed and sold based on nutritional content. Wheat is traded based on protein content and evaluated for end-use suitability in several ways.  

As our processes become more optimized, the need to characterize and test agricultural products increases to maintain quality.  Additionally, as many of these industries operate on small margins, optimizing production and reducing waste can be the difference between profitability and loss.

A significant challenge to process optimization is the natural variation found in agricultural products. Geographic, environmental, weed and pest pressure, varietal difference, and harvesting differences all create significant variability, creating production or quality issues for the end-user.

KPM Analytics and our products have a long history of providing reliable analytical solutions to agricultural producers, processors, and consumers.  Our analyzers are commonly used in industries such as grain handling and processing, oil seed processing, forage analysis, tobacco processing, biofuel production, olive processing, or any application where the quality of natural products needs to be evaluated quickly and accurately. With robust designs and intuitive operation, our analyzers provide rapid compositional, nutritional, or physical information optimizing production and increasing profits.    

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