The meat processing industry faces several challenges. Consumer demands continue to increase while meat processors grapple with labor retention and training challenges in important quality assurance roles.

As these factors collide, at the intersection of them all stands a solution to help companies overcome these challenges.

Vision inspection technologies enabled by trained artificial intelligence (AI) software have a significant impact when applied to detect quality and appearance characteristics in meat and poultry products – factors that influence consumer purchase decisions. Additionally, these systems aid in the detection of unwanted foreign materials from the process, helping companies avoid costly product recalls and the public relations nightmares that follow.

This white paper shares the capabilities for AI-driven vision inspection technologies to help meat & poultry processors:

  • Obtain critical, objective measurements on important product attributes like color consistency, fat distribution (marbling), breading coverage, and many others. 
  • Enhance food safety protocols by instantly identifying defects and foreign materials from the processing line.
  • Reorganize and redistribute labor where it is needed most at the plant.
  • Leverage inspection data to support the quality efforts of global organizations.
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A Better Vision for Combatting Quality Control Labor Challenges

A Better Vision for Combatting Quality Control Labor Challenges

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AgriCheck Whole Grain Analyzers Brochure