How Scientists are Looking After Their Community (SelectScience Article)

As society has become more ‘health focused’, more residents within the Lake County, Illinois, a population of over 700,000, have become aware of the dangers associated with unsafe food and water, and are now starting to take the necessary action to protect themselves.

Despite conducting such impactful and complex tests for their residents, the expert team at Lake Country Health Department still have many of their own analytical challenges to overcome. In order to overcome these setbacks, the team require specialized tools to help them analyze the high level of samples that enter their lab on a daily basis. The SmartChem® Discrete Analyzer from KPM Analytics is a wet chemistry platform designed for automated photometric and electrochemical analysis, developed to optimize laboratory operations in regard to running samples, calibrations, and standards.

In this article, experts at the Lake County Health Department reveal how they are providing safe drinking water to local residents and reveal how SmartChem® Automated Discrete Analyzers transforming how they analyze complex water samples to deliver quality water to all.

This article was originally published by SelectScience Magazine on November 15, 2023.

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