Thanks to deep application knowledge and industry leading analytical instrumentation, we are pioneering the next generation of safer, more effective technologies for the Food & Beverage Industry.

The Food and Beverage industries encompass a significant part of the global economy and are central to our well-being and quality of life.  KPM Analytics offers a wide variety of analytical solutions covering the entire food and beverage production chain, from plant breeding and ingredient production to final product inspection.

Quality control is essential in the production of food and beverage products for many reasons. Manufacturers need to produce consistently high-quality products that meet consumer demands. They must also make safe and healthy products that meet all regulatory and food safety standards.

The challenges facing food manufacturers are numerous, from the variability of incoming ingredients to contamination and adulteration issues to processing concerns. Reliable and accurate analytical capability that is easy to use and close to the production line provides critical information to production managers as part of a comprehensive quality assurance program.

Critical quality measurements in food and beverage production range from compositional parameters such as moisture, protein or fat content to physical or rheological properties such as water absorption or extensibility. Final products can tested for a wide visual and physical attributes. Each of these quality parameters can have an effect on end user satisfaction and production costs and efficiency.

Food and beverage production is a core focus area for KPM Analytics. As a leader in this field, we develop, manufacture, and support leading analytical equipment used in all food and beverage production stages from research and plant breeding applications through ingredient processing and various production steps to final product inspection. Our products are in daily use by hundreds of food manufacturers worldwide to ensure safe and consistent production and protect their brand.

Along with our technology, KPM Analytics has deep application knowledge and industry experts in areas such as cereal chemistry, ingredient processing, snack food & cereal production, baking, and flour milling.  Many of our technical experts have 20 or more years in their areas of expertise and are active in the industries.

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