KPM Analytics Introduces Three Models to its Industry-Leading SpectraStar™ NIR Analyzer Series

WESTBOROUGH, MA (June 15,2021) — KPM Analytics announced today three new instrument configurations for its Unity Scientific™ SpectraStar™ product line. Utilizing near-infrared reflectance (NIR) technology, SpectraStar™ analyzers deliver fast, reliable, and cost-effective compositional analysis for a wide range of sample types, mainly in the food, ingredients, feed, forage, and agriculture industries. The market needs for NIR analysis continue to evolve, and these three new solutions provide application-specific capability with an outstanding return on investment. SpectraStar™ XT analyzers are equipped for both laboratory use and at-line process control.  

  • SpectraStar™ XT-3:  Basic analyzer for reliable analysis of the three most common constituents measured – moisture, oil/fat, and protein. The XT-3 is a high-value solution for a wide range of sample types and applications and can be configured with a number of Unity calibrations for ready-to-use operation.
  • SpectraStar™ XT-F:  Ready-to-use flour analyzer for millers and bakers to assess critical constituents including protein, moisture, ash, and more. The XT-F package contains the accessories and calibrations for measuring flour, by-products and whole wheat kernels.
  • SpectraStar™ XT-R:  Most capable and flexible analyzer for analysis of a wide variety of constituents in complex sample types such as processed foods, ingredients, and feed. The XT-R can be configured with large AUNIR Ingot™ Lab calibrations for feed, ingredients, or forages with over 350,000 samples and 4 million data points in the calibration library, or Unity calibrations for a wide variety of food and agricultural products. Custom calibrations can be developed for proprietary end-products such as processed foods using UCal 4™ software, a complete quantitative and qualitative calibration software package.  

“Our Unity Scientific brand analyzers have been addressing NIR applications for nearly two decades,” says Brian Mitchell, CEO of KPM Analytics. “Coupled with the recently-announced partnership with AB Vista and their Aunir Ingot Lab calibrations, this latest line of our SpectraStar™ NIR analyzers offers a significant upgrade to customers for the best return on investment for their applications.”

The new SpectraStar™ XT series analyzers will be available immediately through the global KPM Analytics sales network, with a typical 3-4 week lead time. For more information visit


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KPM Analytics is a global leader in scientific instrumentation, focused primarily on analyzing critical parameters within the food, agriculture, clinical and environmental sectors. We provide a comprehensive range of products and services to uniquely solve our customers’ problems. Our product brands are AMS Alliance, CHOPIN Technologies, EyePro System, Process Sensors Corporation, Sensortech, Sightline, and Unity Scientific. Each has a long history of delivering advanced and reliable analysis solutions to ensure product quality and optimize process efficiency, with customer service at the center of everything we do. Visit to learn more.

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