IR Temperature Measurement

IR (infrared) sensors are used in a variety of industrial applications to ensure product quality, prevent damage to processing equipment, and avoid dangerous equipment failures that jeopardize worker safety.

IR sensors measure radiation from surfaces to determine temperature. IR sensors can be used in an on-line, fixed position for continuous temperature measurement and control. These sensors can pinpoint very small targets and operate in extreme high temperature ranges. Another way IR temperature measurement is used is through thermal imaging cameras. These cameras are used for visual detection and allow an operator to view and measure thousands of temperature points, line profiles or user selectable areas.

IR temperature measurements are commonly used in steel and glass manufacturing, injection-molded plastic plants, cement and lime kilns, and other metal processing facilities. Explore our broad range of IR solutions and learn how they can be used in your process or research applications.

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A wide variety of sensors and cameras are available to measure object temperatures or determine temperature profiles. Our sensors are used in a variety of industrial processes from steel and glass manufacturers to injection-molded plastic plants.