Using automated measurements on-line and at-line, we help Industrial manufacturers gain a high level of insight to further streamline their processes and achieve optimal results.

Industrial applications encompass a broad range of manufacturing and processing applications outside of food and agriculture. Typical applications within this category include paper and converting, building materials, bulk powders, minerals, and chemicals. Industrial products impact our everyday lives, from the packaging of products we purchase to the buildings we inhabit and the products we use for daily tasks.

As with almost all current manufacturing operations, tight process control is needed to produce consistently high-quality products. Manufacturers must be highly optimized and efficient to produce competitive products on a profitable basis safely. Incoming raw material variation, environmental changes, and process fluctuation can negatively affect production, reducing quality and increasing waste.

KPM Analytics designs, manufactures, sells, and supports on-line and at-line analyzers, which are relied upon daily to ensure safe and efficient production. Near-infrared, radio-frequency, thermal, and vision inspection systems provide reliable data to production managers or directly into highly automated production lines supporting Industry 4.0 processes. Critical parameters measured include moisture, oil, temperature, and virtually any characteristic of end products which can be measured visually. Integration options provide seamless data transfer to external PLCs and other systems.

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