Gypsum, cement, brick, sand, and lime are just some of the many types of building materials that undergo a complex manufacturing process, where the control of moisture directly affects their quality. Since these materials are often produced in high volumes, incorporating instrumentation to measure moisture on a production line can help processors maintain quality and efficiency. This is where near-infrared (NIR) and radio frequency dielectric measurement (RF) technologies from KPM Analytics can help.

Thanks to the growing global population, the construction industry is as strong as ever, which puts building materials in high demand. However, as material processors face these increasing demands, they face the difficult balance of producing the best possible product while maintaining high throughput.

Moisture control is an important aspect in the manufacture of building materials. Each type has a specific target range for moisture that can be measured with NIR analysis. With the help of KPM Analytics, building material manufacturers can implement real-time moisture measurement capabilities onto their production line, helping the processor make adjustments to achieve the target range and effectively control quality.

KPM Analytics offers industrial-grade, ruggedized moisture analyzers that are designed for easy integration into factories. These systems accurately measure moisture to within +/- 0.1%, offering superior precision to optimize production and improve efficiency.

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