New KPM Analytics Academy Provides Advanced, Always-Available On-Demand Training and Support

WESTBOROUGH, MA (February 8, 2022) — KPM Analytics ( announced today the launch of a new online learning program: The KPM Academy. The program offers self-paced product training courses developed by KPM subject matter experts worldwide. Courses provide staff training on routine maintenance and operation of the instruments, and tips and best practices from product experts. It brings the training and information to the customer digitally in a condensed format, which is a huge savings of time and cost. KPM Academy is an excellent complement to startup training sessions from KPM service technicians at the time of new instrument commissioning and offsite in-person training programs.

“We are pleased to offer this program to bring hundreds of hours of detailed, technical tutorial assistance to our customers and business partners so they can get the most benefit from using our products,” stated Yuegang Zhao, Chief Commercial Officer at KPM Analytics. “In a time when in-person training is difficult and employee turnover is high due to COVID, the KPM Academy is a very cost-effective way for our customers to receive ongoing training and maintain product knowledge for their staff.”

Early beta test users have praised the platform for its ease of use and content depth. KPM Academy courses will be available for certain product models starting April 2022 with all-new instrument purchases and as part of customer support and preventative maintenance packages. New courses are already in development, and the company plans to extend programs throughout the year. Customized programs can be developed for customers who want specific content for their training programs. For more information, please visit the KPM Academy here.

About KPM Analytics

KPM Analytics is a global leader in scientific instrumentation, focused primarily on analyzing critical parameters within the food, agriculture, clinical and environmental sectors. We provide a comprehensive range of products and services to uniquely solve our customers’ problems. Our product brands are AMS Alliance, CHOPIN Technologies, EyePro System, Process Sensors, Sensortech, Sightline, and Unity Scientific. Each has a long history of delivering advanced and reliable analysis solutions to ensure product quality and optimize process efficiency, with customer service at the center of everything we do.

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Phone: +1 314-704-0053

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