In high-volume manufacturing operations including snack food, converting, chemical, wood products, and others, there are a select few but measurable parameters that can have a significant impact on final product quality at several points in the process. Moisture, oil (fat) content, and coat weight directly influence product-to-product variation, prompt additional operational/energy costs to the company, and ultimately cause excessive waste, especially if no parameter control measures are in place.

Near infrared (NIR) technology is a trusted method to rapidly measure these parameters, but with the rigors of operating in challenging manufacturing conditions, only few options exist.

That’s where KPM Analytics comes in with its line of process NIR analysis systems.

These systems are available in a variety of simple interfaces, environmentally rated enclosures, and flexible configurations that are easy to implement and integrate into nearly any production line or conveying system to enable closed-loop control of your process. If your manufacturing process can benefit from rapid on-line analysis of important compositional parameters of incoming raw materials, manage product moisture before and/or after entering a process oven, or help improve spot-checking procedures of final products before distribution, then KPM Analytics is here to help.

Explore our process NIR analyzer product offerings below.

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Precision Instrumentation for Continuous & Reliable Monitoring of Moisture, Oil, and Other Parameters for Process and Quality Control During Production.