Process RF Sensors

For some manufacturing operations, even a slight variation in a product’s moisture composition can cause significant quality control challenges. From gypsum processing, board manufacturing, and other industrial applications, many products have a tight moisture specification with little room for error.

Radio-frequency dielectric measurement (RF) technology is ideally suited for these types of applications. These analyzers introduce radio waves that penetrate an object to collect its complete moisture reading across a full sample thickness.

KPM Analytics offers a range of RF moisture analysis technologies for rapid analysis of moisture content, whether installed on the production line, or as a handheld spot-checking device to measure moisture on individual product units.

Explore our process RF analyzer product offerings below.

Our Products

Single point, array, and hand-held analyzers provide a variety of sampling options from fully integrated in-process moisture profiling to at-line quality control. RF analyzers are widely used in gypsum, panel board, and other industrial processes.