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Sensortech Systems

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Sensortech IMPS-4400
Sensortech IMPS-4400 01
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Sensortech IMPS-4400
Sensortech IMPS-4400 01
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The Instant Moisture Profiling System (IMPS) is a non-contact RF moisture profiling system, typically used in board manufacturing plants, built in a customizable multi-sensor arrayed framework.

Advanced Level Moisture Profiling

  • RF dielectric measurement provides a true moisture profile
  • Non-contact multi-sensor profiling array
  • Easy communication between profiler and HMI system
  • Proprietary software offering broad product diagnostics
  • Data-logging and trend time plot for statistical analysis
  • Totally solid-state system
  • Moisture profiling tools

Board Manufacturing

  • Gypsum Board, Hardboard, Particle Board, Gypsum/Fiber Board, Cement/Fiber Board

Wood Manufacturing

  • Hardwood Veneers, Plywood Veneers, Dimensional Lumbe

Paper Manufacturing

  • Cardboard, Laminates, Pulp Bale, Sheets

General Manufacturing

  • Plastics, Resins


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Measurement Range
Sensor Array
Maximum Sensor Array Width
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Customizable Array
Varies by configuration
Moisture: 0.01%
Moisture: 0 – 25%
Moisture ±0.02% Gypsum Board, Moisture ±0.10% Wood Panel Board
OS: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB High End (i7, Xeon) - 64 Bit, Processor: 1 x Intel i7-6700TE (Skylake) 2.4 GHz Processor: LGA1151 - SR2LP, Memory: 1 x DDR4 2133 SO-DIMM Memory - 8 GB, Primary Storage Drive: 1 x Samsung 850 EVO mSATA SSD - 250 GB, AC Adapter: 1 x Power Adapter DC 12 V, 6.67A, 80 W Level 5, Mounting: 1 x Wall Mounting Brackets
128 sensors, each with resolution of 50 mm (2")
6.5 m (256")
4-20mA, 0-10VDC and 0-5VDC (optional)
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