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Empowering ConfidenceEmpowering Confidence

Empowering Confidence

From R&D to production, and from the harvest to the baking plants, our solutions enable customers to make informed decisions on product quality.

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Analyze Flour & Better Understand Dough BehaviorAnalyze Flour & Better Understand Dough Behavior

Analyze Flour & Better Understand Dough Behavior

The SRC-CHOPIN 2 brings increased precision compared to the manual method. Thanks to its automated process, results are more consistent between different operators and between different laboratories.

Simultaneous Parameter Monitoring				Simultaneous Parameter Monitoring

Simultaneous Parameter Monitoring

The iCinac digital probes enable unique simultaneous monitoring of pH, temperature,and Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Each probe or channel is independently monitored while providing full control and insight into each experiment.

Three New SpectaStar ModelsThree New SpectaStar Models

Three New SpectaStar Models

The market needs for NIR analysis continue to evolve, and these three new solutions provide application-specific capability with an outstanding return on investment.

Improving the Bottom Line in Snack Food ManufacturingImproving the Bottom Line in Snack Food Manufacturing

Improving the Bottom Line in Snack Food Manufacturing

Added seasoning is the costliest part of snack manufacturing. Adding 1–2% more than the target amount might add thousands of dollars/week in costs. Find out how using rapid NIR testing can make an instant impact to your bottom line.

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CHOPIN Technologies

Measure Solvent Retention Capacity with the SRC-CHOPIN 2

Get an automated measurement of the solvent retention capacity (SRC) profile of flour with the SRC-CHOPIN 2 from Chopin Technologies, a KPM Analytics brand. Understand flour functionality by simultaneously and individually analyzing the main functional flour components (damaged starch, glutenins, pentosans) that directly influence final product quality. The SRC test method is recognized worldwide—from breeding to baking, the entire wheat and flour industry and its supply chain benefit from SRC analysis, using a common language.

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