The director of analytical chemistry specialist at Labmedics talks with KPM Analytics about the SmartChem® 600 Wet Chemistry Analyzer from a specialist's perspective.

Tom O'Reilly, Director of Labmedics, answers questions from KPM Analytics.

What is Labmedics' business?

Labmedics is one of the founders of the automated sequential nutrient analysis technology widely used in water analysis. Labmedics distributes the AMS Alliance brand range of continuous flow and sequential analyzers throughout the UK and Ireland. With over 30 years of experience in analytical chemistry, we design and provide our customers with innovative analytical platforms and the support and expertise to help them meet their objectives and needs.

Is the AMS Alliance SmartChem® from KPM Analytics part of this approach to providing solutions that are appropriate to the needs of the market?

As early as 2010, we saw that the environmental sector was particularly concerned with equipment that offered high analysis rates, coupled with reliable and standardized ready-to-use reagents, and of course with consistent technical support. These three needs are really one and the same, and the AMS Alliance brand product team has understood this: the development philosophy of its range of sequential analyzers responds exactly to this market problem. The SmartChem® 600 is an example of this approach, with several innovations. This is also due to the fact that AMS Alliance already had a long and globally successful track record in the field of nutrient analyzers. But in addition to these primary needs, the SmartChem®also responds to new environmental and budgetary issues, notably to reduce the operating cost of these machines, which has an immediate impact on the cost of analysis. The result is a machine packed with practical innovations: in addition to ready-to-use reagents, it offers a loading capacity of 200 samples (a record!), longer cuvette life, sample caps (to avoid contamination risks, e.g. for Ammonia reduction), and better quality management.

Within a month you have already sold several SmartChem® 600s. To what qualities is the potential of this instrument due?

As I said, the SmartChem® 600 has features that accurately meet new needs, while offering standardized performance. The fact that the instrument is fully automated, that it analyzes quickly and at high rates, and that it uses standardized methods, are answers adapted to the expectations of laboratories. With the AMS Alliance products and Labmedics, our customers know that they have experienced partners who know their applications, master the technology and offer in-depth technical support.

The AMS Alliance brand of products from KPM Analytics are firmly positioned as trusted analytical solutions, with experts in the industry that serve as a partner in water quality. Do you confirm the market's interest in this type of service?

Yes, of course: when we sell a machine, we start a customer relationship that lasts for years and requires mutual trust. This is the added value that makes the difference, because this relationship is built on support teams that understand the issues and are able to put their recommendations into practice. Most of our customers want complete answers to their analysis needs. KPM Analytics and its AMS Alliance brand is a global provider that has the ability to advise and supply instruments, methods and reagents, as well as provide one of the best technical supports for one of the best technologies on the market, sequencing.

What are the sectors concerned by the SmartChem® 600?

All environmental laboratories for water and soil, industrial laboratories, service companies, public laboratories... all those who analyze liquid samples at high speed are concerned. In a nutshell, it is a fully automated sequential analyzer that provides one of the best returns on investment, reduces analysis time, reduces errors, simplifies tasks. It deserves the title of the best sequential analyzer of its generation.

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