Quality Control Solutions for Meat Patties

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  • 2D/Shape&Size - diameter, roundness (accuracy: 0.2mm)
  • 3D/Height - peak height, complete 3D profile (accuracy: 0.3mm)
  • Texture check

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  • Out of specification products (e.g. too small, too tall, etc.)
  • Overlapping products

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  • On-line - throughput up to 1.200 pcs/min on 900mm inspection width; the System can be installed directly at the freezer outfeed.
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  • Vision Module: Laser- Based 3D Camera (for shape, size and height measurements)
  • Rejection Module: declining flaps rejection mechanism
  • Stainless Steel Frame, completely washdown
  • Conveying System with modular belts
  • Control Unit:
    Industrial PC
    Industrial Touch Screen
    Stainless steel electrical cabinet
  • Inspection Software with Real Time Statistics displayed on integrated touch screen
  • Data Collection & Reporting Software
  • Metal Detection Integration with Dual Stage Rejection System (optional)
Meat Patties
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