Environmental testing is essential for water and soil analysis and agri-food, whether the application is for wastewater, municipal, or other food/beverage quality control monitoring. KPM Analytics understands the critical analysis required to ensure quality and provide accurate data for making decisions and improving your quality processes. Our line of wet chemistry products performs reliable and automated testing for laboratories around the world.

In addition, KPM Analytics provides analysis solutions for dairy and fermented food products. Often, these products are sold based on quality parameters, making it essential to have accurate measurements during the fermentation process. Learn more about the fermentation process and measurement solutions below.


Wet chemistry is a form of analytical chemistry performed on aqueous solutions and it uses classical methods of observation of samples. The method that has been widely proven and remains essential in modern analytical chemistry.   

Automated analyzers using direct-read, discrete or continuous flow technologies offer a broad range of tests and capacities in environmental, industrial, and research laboratories, including regulatory and quality control testing for water (including municipal, wastewater, and fresh and ocean sources), food, dairy, feed, soils, plant, and fertilizers.

The KPM Analytics solutions automate wet chemistry tests previously performed manually in laboratories: it thus simplifies analyses, improving productivity, and efficiency.  


Acidification starters are one of the most challenging processes for dairy and fermented foods, as slight deviations can result in heavy financial losses due to the effect on end product quality. Therefore, the importance of monitoring the behavior of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB), both in the context of quality control and in order to optimize processes, ensures the quality of fermented end-products.

iCinac is a unique solution for kinetic analysis and monitoring for fermentation LAB reactors, as well as a fermentation multi-reactor control unit.

Our Products

Automated analyzers using either direct-read discrete or continuous flow technologies specifically designed to analyze cultured dairy products, wine, and all types of water.