Product Overview

High Capacity Automated Wet Chemistry Platform

The AMS Alliance SmartChem® Discrete Analyzer is a wet chemistry platform for automated photometric and electrochemical analysis. SmartChem® consolidates different techniques from your laboratory into a single platform, optimizing your laboratory operation in terms of running samples, calibrations, standards, maintenance, and operator training.

Our tabletop and stand-alone Smartchem® analyzers offer complete analytical solutions with our ready-to-use reagents. They run from 160 to 600 tests per hour and have different loading capacities for samples and reagents.

SmartChem® offers a reliable and convenient walk-away solution to increase your laboratory’s productivity. It allows your staff to concentrate on added-value activities and tasks, while guaranteeing repeatability, traceability, and regulatory compliance.

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  • Extensive physical chemical analysis of drinking water, wastewater, and soil samples.
  • Multi-parametric (consolidation) automated platform
  • Photometric and Electrochemistry analysis
  • Automated integrated reagents and samples barcode reader (optional)
  • Automated start-up to instrument readiness
  • Low water consumption
  • IF THEN driven test sequences
  • Programmable and monitored cuvette wash module
  • Reagent inventory system and liquid level sensing
  • pH/Cond/ORP and Nitrate add-on modules available
  • Available ready-to-use reagents for diverse methods


  • Increased efficiency and productivity through instrument consolidation and testing automation. Free-up your staff from tedious and repetitive tasks.
  • Microlitre reactions - Reduced reagent usage and waste generation - improved cost efficiency and environmental footprint.
  • Guaranteed stability, reproducibility and traceability with our ready-to-use dedicated reagents.
  • Improved automation level with our optional bar code readers for reagents and samples - allowing full LIMS integration.
  • Automated out-of-range retesting decision making.
  • Cost end environmental efficiency via our Cuvette Monitored Wash Cycle. 
  • Optimization of time-consuming techniques such as pH, Cond, ORP.
Chemical & Clinical


The SmartChem® Series is widely used for the automation of manually run wet chemistry testing in environmental, industrial, and research laboratories, including regulatory and quality control testing.

Its applications include, but are not limited to: 

  • Water and environmental
  • Soil extracts, plant extracts, and fertilizers
  • Food and feed
  • Beverages, wine and beer
  • Chemical

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Chemical & Clinical

Product Lineup

The SmartChem® Series includes four different models that allow different configurations:

SmartChem® 200 Wet Chemistry Analyzer
SmartChem® 200
  • Up to 200 tests/hour
  • Benchtop analyzer
  • 5 racks for continuous loading of samples (126 position)
  • On-board reagents: up to 16 reagents
  • ~1 rack for 10 reagent positions
  • ~1 rack for 6 reagent positions and 10 stock standards
  • ~2 dedicated positions for diluents and other (spike solutions, QC samples)
SmartChem® 210 Wet Chemistry Analyzer
SmartChem® 210
  • Up to 300 tests/hour
  • Benchtop analyzer
  • Sample Loading:
  • ~Up to 60 samples on board
  • ~4 removable racks of 15 positions each for continuous loading of samples
  • On-board reagents:  
  • ~Up to 32 reagents
  • ~4 removable racks of 8 positions each
SmartChem® 450 Wet Chemistry Analyzer
SmartChem® 450
  • Up to 450 tests/hour
  • Benchtop analyzer
  • Sample Loading:
  • ~Up to 100 samples on board
  • ~4 racks of 18 positions each for continuous loading of samples
  • ~28 extra positions for urgent samples, calibrators and controls
  • On-board reagents: up to 72 reagents
SmartChem® 600 Wet Chemistry Analyzer
SmartChem® 600
  • Up to 600 tests/hour (including 120 for EC test (pH, conductivity, redox))
  • Floor-stand analyzer
  • Sample loading:
  • Up to 200 samples on board
  • ~2 independent carousels hosting 20 racks of 10 positions each, for continuous sample loading
  • ~On-board reagents: up to 100 reagents
Chemical & Clinical

How it Works

The SmartChem® Series uses direct read photometry, utilizing a true discrete, direct read measurement system and reusable, high-purity optical cuvettes, eliminating compromised sample measurement.

SmartChem® simplifies your laboratory's work in a short series of steps:

  1. Load samples and reagents in your SmartChem®
  2. Set up your test
  3. Load your work program in the SmartChem® software
  4. Launch your programmed routine
  5. Get the results

Additionally, SmartChem® cuvettes are being washed after each use, making them available for the next reaction/measurement and reducing your dependance on consumables and their availability.

Chemical & Clinical

System Components

Chemical & Clinical

Regulatory Methods & Reagents

SmartChem® Ready-to-Use Reagents and Regulatory Methods

Approved Methods Run by SmartChem® Ready to use reagents

The table below lists the analytes to be run using SmartChem® Ready-to-Use reagents and the regulatory methods they follow. This list is not comprehensive of all the methods that can be run with SmartChem®.

Alkalinity (BPB) Vikashni Nand and Michael J. Ellwood - A simple colorimetric method for determining seawater alkalinity using bromophenol blue: Seawater alkalinity using bromophenol blue - Limnol. Oceanogr.: Methods 16, 2018, 401–410; © 2018 Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography; doi: 10.1002/lom3.10253
Alkalinity (MO) - ISO 15923-2
- EPA 310.2
Ammonia - ISO 15923-1
- ISO 7150
Chloride - ISO 15923-1
- EPA Method 325.2
- Standard Methods Cl-4500 Cl E
Chromium VI - ISO 15923-2
- SW-846 Method 7196A
- Standard Methods 3500-Cr D
Fluoride - ISO 15923-2
- EPA Method 340.3
- Standard Methods WW F- 4500-F-E
- UK SCA Blue Book Methods for the Examination of Waters and Associated Material. Fluoride in Waters, Effluents, Sludges, Plants and Soils 1982 ISBN 0117516627
Hardness - ISO 15923-2
- EPA Method 130.1
- UK SCA Blue Book Methods for the Examination of Waters. Total Hardness, Calcium Hardness and Magnesium Hardness in Raw and Potable Waters by EDTA 1981 Tentative methods ISBN 0117516007
Nitrite - ISO 15923-1
- EPA Method 354.1
- Standard Methods 4500-NO3-H
Orthophosphate - ISO 15923-1:2013
- EPA Method 365.1
- Standard Methods 4500 P-E
Silicate - ISO 15923-1
- EPA Method 370.1
- EPA/600/4-79/020
- Standard Methods 4500 Si D
Sulphate - ISO 15923-1
- ISO 7150
- EPA Method 375.4
TON (Hydrazine) - ISO 15923-1
- EPA Method 353.1
- Standard Methods 4500-NO3- H
TON (Cadmium) - ISO 15923-1
- EPA Method 353.2

We offer a full range of enzymatic and colorimetric reagents dedicated to our SmartChem® range of discrete analyzers. Developed, tested and validated by our application laboratory, they guarantee perfect stability and reproducibility of your analyses.

Very easy to use, they are liquid, supplied in specific bottles made for SmartChem®, and automatically detected by the barcode reader (optional). This ready-to-go solution simplifies the preparation of your analysis and facilitates the use and storage of reagents. It also secures your analyses with reagents adapted to your application and your instrument.

To order reagents, please send an email to

Chemical & Clinical


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Chemical & Clinical