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Rheo F4

CHOPIN Technologies

Rheo F4
KPM Analytics Baked Bread


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The Rheo F4 provides complete analysis of the proofing properties of flours by measuring the production of CO2, the volume of dough, as well as its porosity and tolerance during proofing.

  • Automated testing for all types of yeast dough.
  • Measures development, gas production, porosity, and tolerance of dough in a single test.
  • Versatile analysis with the ability to customize the protocol.
  • Automated testing and monitoring through PC software.
  • Lightweight compact device that will fit into your laboratory with ease.
  • Simplified design, low maintenance, 1 single consumable (soda lime).

The new Rheo F4 is an indispensable tool for many applications, such as:

  • Determination of the optimum proofing time.
  • Monitoring the activity of fresh and dried yeasts.
  • Analysis of complete formulas containing sugar, fats, etc. including high fibre recipes and gluten free recipes.  
  • Evaluate the impact of salt reduction, of sugar reduction etc.
  • Analysis of durum wheat semolina.
  • Analysis of the proofing properties of frozen dough
  • Analysis of the effects of additives such as cysteine, ascorbic acid, vitamins, etc.
  • Monitor of consistency in production line.


Rheo F4
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Rheo F4
Test Time
Operator Time
Standards Met
Environmental Considerations
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Rheo F4
415 mm W x 265 mm D x 545 mm H
12 Kg
220-240Vac 50/60Hz 150W, - 20 Amp, 220-240V outlet (specify the type of receptacle)
3 hours, 30 minutes
15 minutes
AACC 89-01.01
Storage temperature: –25 to +55° C. Operating temp: 10 to 35° C, Use: lab ambient temperature 3°C less than that of the protocol used. Relative humidity <85% at 20° C
Computer that meets minimum requirements: OS: Windows 7, or Windows 10. RAM: 4 GB minimum, 8 GB recommended
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