Product Overview

100% Inspection for Meat & Poultry Processing

Vision Inspection for meat and poultry applications is critical at key stages, such as primary processing, secondary processing, and final inspection of prepared foods. This data allows meat producers to make data-driven decisions and streamline their QA processes.


  • Analyze every single product on your line to continuously monitor key process and product attributes
  • Data powerhouse - know everything about your products and processes as it happens
  • Easy integration into your existing production line
  • Hygienic design options to meet food production facility standards
  • Product-specific rejection mechanisms available
  • Established solutions for a wide range of products and processes


Cost Savings

  • Labor savings
  • Reduced waste

Improved Product Quality & Safety

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand protection
  • HACCP control point
  • Ensure consistent product quality between batches, shifts, and sites

Data Driven Decisions

  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Feedback control
  • Analytics & reports
  • Process improvements
Vision & Thermal

100% Inspection Made Easy

Vision inspection systems play a crucial role in the meat and poultry industries, offering a range of applications that ensure product quality, safety, and compliance with industry standards.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Measurement of physical product attributes such as shape, size and color to detect quality issues
  • Identification and rejection of non-conforming products from the production flow
  • Detection of foreign objects
  • Generation of production metrics (item counts, uptime, throughput, etc.)

Typical Products Include:

  • Raw Poultry
  • Formed Poultry (raw or cooked)
  • Beef Patties (raw or cooked)
  • Steaks
  • Jerky
  • Bacon
  • Fish Sticks
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Vision & Thermal

Common System Configurations

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Communication Throughout the Process

Vision-Based Lane Balancing

Vision & Thermal

Vision & Thermal

How It Works

Implementing vision inspection in a meat or poultry processing facility helps enhance quality control, minimize product defects, & ensure compliance with industry standards. The system's ability to rapidly & accurately analyze large quantities of products enables efficient monitoring & enhances the overall safety & quality of the end products.

Real-Time Analysis, Inspection, & Statistical Control

Obtain Critical Measurements Anywhere in your Process

Vision systems, comprised of high-resolution cameras, lasers, lighting, and customized software, can be placed strategically along the production line to capture detailed images of the meat or poultry products at various stages of processing to cover critical areas where quality issues may arise, such as cutting, trimming, or packaging stations.

The system includes specialty lighting and appropriate lenses to aid in the capture of real-time product images as they move through the production line to facilitate detailed analysis by the software.

Powerful Analysis Software

KPM’s measura® software employs advanced algorithms to analyze the visual characteristics of the products, such as color, texture, shape, size, and surface defects. By comparing the obtained data against predefined quality standards, the system can identify any deviations or abnormalities that may indicate a product defect. 

Enhance Food Safety Protocols

In particular, the system is scanning for specific quality issues that could compromise the product's safety or appearance. These could include misshapen products, foreign objects, bone fragments, discoloration, bruises, excessive fat, or any other defined defects. Upon detecting a defect, the system can trigger alerts or automatically remove the faulty product from the production line. To learn more about rejection solutions, read the white paper.

Data Logging & Reporting

The P-Series Vision Inspection System provides real-time feedback on the quality of your meat or poultry products. By analyzing the collected data, it can generate detailed reports and statistics, highlighting the overall quality of the production batch. This information enables your quality control personnel to make informed decisions regarding the acceptance or rejection of products, and to implement corrective measures to improve the production process if necessary.

Vision-Based Quality Throughout Production

Vision Process Control solutions are installed at key production stages where data visualization and optional direct feedback integration can automatically act to keep process performance on target. Final Product Inspection solutions are installed just before packaging to ensure that products going out the door meet your specifications.

Vision & Thermal

System Components

The vision inspection system designed for the meat and poultry industries comprises several essential components tailored to ensure optimal quality control.

Each system is specifically engineered for full washdown capabilities, making it suitable for rigorous cleaning processes. The core components of this system include a high-resolution camera or cameras, a laser, specialized lighting, a ruggedized enclosure, a processing unit, and a user interface.

The high-resolution camera captures detailed images of the products during the inspection process, while the illuminators provide consistent and uniform lighting to enhance image quality. The ruggedized enclosure ensures the system's durability and protection against harsh cleaning procedures. The processing unit employs advanced algorithms to analyze the images and detect any defects or irregularities in the meat and poultry products. Finally, the user interface allows operators to interact with the system, monitor inspection results, and make necessary adjustments for optimal performance. Together, these system components enable efficient and accurate quality control in the meat and poultry industries, even in demanding washdown environments.

Vision & Thermal


Automated vision inspection measurements are not subjective, meaning that they are consistently collected with better accuracy, at a much faster rate, and with better repeatability than possible by human inspectors.

Vision Inspection Measurement Capabilities

Basic Measurements

  • Area, shape, color
  • Length and width
  • Bottom inspection (optional)
  • Diameters (min, max, avg, caliper, adaptive dimensions)
  • Item counts
  • Volume and slopes
  • Heights/thickness (min, max, avg, center, edge)
  • Cross-reference 2D/3D measurements with image stacking
  • Foreign object detection

Advanced Measurements

  • Package Inspection (top & bottom, label, bar codes, seal)
  • Template match (area match %, area outside of template %, max length outside template)
  • Adaptive length & width (curve follow)
  • Shine detection
  • Roughness (variations on edges)
  • Smart thickness
  • Bun coverage
  • Blob measurements - Find & measure specific features on an object (e.g. toppings, splits, foreign materials)

Production & Productivity Data

Measuring 100% of all products also provides a wealth of key real-time production and productivity data such as:

  • Throughput and Capacity%
  • Defect % and Out-Of-Spec % (by type)
  • Uptime/Downtime %
  • Changeover Time
Vision & Thermal

The measura® Software Suite

Powerful And Easy to Use measura® Software Suite

The easy-to-use measura® software suite includes a built-in library of over 100 different types of measurements and configurable camera and lighting components for different product needs. The software simplifies the inspection process from product set-up and real-time inspection to process monitoring and quality analytics.

Vision & Thermal


Vision & Thermal


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