As an ingredient in many food products, cocoa is a vital commodity in food production. Quality is a key driving factor in the cocoa processing and chocolate manufacturing industries, not just for satisfying consumers, but also as a payment criterion for cocoa suppliers. With the help of technologies from KPM Analytics, manufacturers can take greater control over cocoa quality parameters to verify recipes and ensure a consistent final product.

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Segment Overview

When processing cocoa, any variations in raw material parameters and/or changes in processing steps creates cocoa and chocolate of varying properties. Intermediate products of this process (cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, cocoa powder, and others) are also sold based on quality parameters including fat content, and real-time analysis of these samples can help optimize the yield of a high-quality product.

As a result, there are multiple points in cocoa processing and chocolate manufacturing where accurate and timely analytical values can help control the process, saving money and improving quality.

Incorporating near infrared (NIR)technology is an effective way for cocoa processors to take measurements that ensure quality across several stages and related processes, including:

Cocoa Processing:

  • Measuring moisture at intake to the roasting and winnowing process to remove shells from the cocoa beans
  • Measuring moisture and oil content of the cocoa nibs after de-shelling
  • Analyzing moisture and fat content after the nibs are ground into the cocoa liquor or mass

Chocolate Making:

  • To make chocolate, cocoa liquor is mixed with sugar and cocoa butter to produce the final product. From there, chocolate can be analyzed for fat, moisture, and sugar, before it is packaged for distribution

Confectionery Processes:

  • NIR technology can be used to assess parameters of all incoming ingredients – including cocoa and chocolate –to ensure quality throughout all phases of production

KPM Analytics offers a variety of ready-to-use at-line/laboratory solutions or in-process NIR systems tailored to obtain these insights to take greater control over your process.

Cocoa, Chocolate & Confectionery
Cocoa, Chocolate & Confectionery

Moisture & Compositional

Perform fast and accurate analysis of moisture and other important parameters at critical stages of your process.

Vision & Thermal

Vision inspection solutions are used for quality control and production automation and have demonstrated that they can improve product quality, increase line productivity, and reduce operating costs.

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