Quality Control Solutions for Bread Loaves

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Measurement Capability

  • 2D/Shape & Size - length, width
  • 3D/Height - peak/mean height, complete 3D profile, slope, surface texture, volume
  • Top & Bottom bake color
  • Topping/Seeding - coverage, distribution, voids
  • Scoring/Split/Imprint conformity check

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Defects Detection Capability

  • Misshapen products
  • Out of specification products (e.g. too small, too tall, etc.)
  • Spots (light, dark, foreign material on product surface)
  • Topping defects (e.g. too little seeds, etc.)
  • Scoring defects
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Vision Inspection Options

In-Line - Single & Multi Lane, Line Width 300-1.100mm

Over-Line/Monitoring - utilizes a compact sensor head mounted directly over an existing production line to scan every object at any belt speed

At-Line/Lab - Fully-provisioned standalone systems for multi-product sampling measurements in laboratories or on the factory floor

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Available Modules for Vision Inspection

Vision Module:

  • Top Side 2D & Color
  • Top Side 3D
  • Bottom Side Color (optional, in-line only)

Rejection & Diverting Modules (optional, in-line only):

  • Pneumatic jet (single or multiple)
  • Paddle
  • Sweep arm
  • Retracting nose bars

Stainless Steel Frame

Conveying System with modular belts (in-line systems)

Operator Control Unit:

  • Industrial PC
  • Industrial Touch Screen
  • Stainless steel electrical cabinet

Inspection Software with real-time statistics displayed on integrated touch screen

Data Collection & Reporting Software

In-Plant Dashboard live production monitoring system (optional)

In-line Check-weigher Integration (optional) for products on single lane, or on well-aligned multi-laned products

Bread Loaves

Distributed Vision-Based Process Control Systems

KPM Analytics provides a range of vision system modules designed to monitor a specific production process step.  

The measurements taken at each vision module at each point in the line can be collected and displayed at the control station and reported in real time. This data can also be added to a database allowing further analysis and correlation of this data to assist in improving the production process and the quality of the finished product.  

Typical Applications include:

  • Forming (physical dimensions)
  • Proofing (height, scoring)
  • Baking (bake color, oven feedback)
  • Topping (seeding)

Feedback Loops – Oven Control

By installing a KPM Analytics Vision System at the oven exit, it is possible to integrate our exclusive Real-Time Oven Feedback Module, which uses the measured bake color to automatically adjust the oven settings.  

Key benefits:

  • fully automatic control of the last two zones of the oven
  • objective bake color measurement
  • continuous automatic monitoring of product quality
  • automatic real time actions to correct out of specification situations
  • improved product color consistency over the time
  • waste reduction

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