Quality Control Solutions for Breaded Poultry

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Measurement Capability

  • Length & Width (Adaptive, Bounding, Center, Min/Max/Avg)
  • Surface Area
  • Product Color
  • Thickness (Adaptive, Min/Max/Avg)
  • Volume & Predicted Weight
  • Bun Coverage
  • Overhang Area
  • Slope Analysis
  • Knuckling
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Defects Detection Capability

  • Breading Voids (Area %, count, location)
  • Bun Coverage Deficiency
  • Foreign Objects (on product surface)
  • Size Deficiencies (too small, misshapen)
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Vision Inspection Options

At-Line/Lab - a fully washdown compact, ‘plug-and-play’, full-colour 2D/3D QA Measurement System

Over-Line/Monitoring - compact sensor head mounted directly over an existing production line to scan every object that passes underneath

In-Line - over horizontal conveyor lines or in front of hook conveyor lines

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Breaded Poultry
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