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Mixolab 2

CHOPIN Technologies

Chopin Technologies Mixolab 2
Mixolab 2
KPM Analytics Baked Bread


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The Mixolab 2 automated analyzer is used to measure the rheological characteristics of dough during mixing, as well as the quality of starch and protein to enhance the quality of baked goods and for improved manufacturing process control.

  • Intuitive automated testing for complete assessment in 45 minutes
  • Customizable testing protocols
  • Unique & innovative - assesses dough as temperature increases
  • Profiler system efficiently classifies dough based on quality parameters
  • Included Simulator protocol displays a reconstituted Farinograph® curve
  • WIXO protocol for predicting alveograph results

Mixolab 2 is compliant with ISO, AACC, ICC, CEN, AFNOR and GOST international standards.

For Breeders

  • Facilitates wheat seed variety selection from generations F4-F5

For Millers

  • Wheat testing at point of delivery
  • Detection of pest-infestation in wheats
  • Wheat and flour blends optimization
  • Adaptation of flours for final uses through precise dosing of additives
  • Analysis of different flour mill streams
  • Assessing the impact of damaged starch

For Bakers

  • Verifying the conformity of delivered flours
  • Identify potential production issues in advance
  • Studying the rheological behaviour of fibre-rich flours
  • Facilitates the elaboration of gluten-free products
  • Studying whole-wheat formulas

For All

  • Optimization of customer specifications and quality control


Mixolab 2

EM10 Oven

The EM 10 oven measures the reference moisture content of various cereals, complying with international standards.


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Test Time
Operator Time
Standards Met
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460 mm W x 505 mm D x 270 mm H
33 Kg
220/240V - 50/60Hz, 1000 W
45 minutes
5 minutes
ISO 17718, ICC173/1, AACC 54-60-01, NF V03-765, NFV03-764, GOST 54498-2011
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