Quality Control Solutions for English Muffins

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Measurement Capability

  • 2D/Shape & Size - diameter, roundness, length, width (accuracy: 0.2mm)
  • 3D/Height - peak/mean height, complete 3D profile, slope, surface texture (accuracy: 0.2mm)
  • Top & Bottom bake color (Lab and BCU coordinates, accuracy: 0.2 ΔE)
  • Topping/Toast Area check - color, coverage, distribution, voids (accuracy: 0.5% of product surface)
  • Upside-down product detection
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Defects Detection Capability

  • Misshapen products
  • Out of specification products (e.g. too small, too dark, etc.)
  • Spots (light, dark, foreign material on product surface)
  • Topping/Toast Area defects (e.g. too little toast area, too dark, etc.)
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Available Configurations

  • On-line - Single and Multi-Lane configuration, Line Width from 200mm up to 600mm (8" - 24"), Product Throughput up to 800 pcs/min
  • Off-line - Standalone Systems for multi-product sampling measurements in laboratories or on the factory floor
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Available Modules

Vision Module:

  • Top Side 2D & Color
  • Top Side 3D
  • Bottom Side Color

Rejection Module: air nozzle or pneumatic paddle rejection mechanism

Stainless Steel Frame

Conveying System with modular belts

Control Unit:

  • Industrial PC
  • Industrial Touch Screen
  • Stainless steel electrical cabinet

Inspection Software with Real-Time Statistics displayed on integrated touch screen

Data Collection & Reporting Software

English Muffins

Distributed Vision-Based Process Control Systems

KPM Analytics provides a range of vision system modules designed to monitor a specific production process step.

The measurements taken at each vision module at each point in the line can be collected and displayed at the control station and reported in real time. This data can also be added to a database allowing further analysis and correlation of this data to assist in improving the production process and the quality of the finished product.

Examples of process steps that can be monitored are the following:

  • Forming (physical dimensions)
  • Proofing (height, scoring)
  • Baking (bake color, oven feedback)


The Laner is the ideal solution to provide a continuous flow of evenly laned products to your packaging machines.

  • Reduce Labor
  • Maximize throughput of packing machines
  • Flexible capabilities:
    - Number of lanes
    - Type of products
    - Size and shape of products

Line Configurations

  • Line width: from 600mm up to 1.000mm (24" - 40")
  • Straight infeed, 90° infeed
  • Product throughput: from 300 pcs/min up to 1.000 pcs/min
  • the one laning system can lane different products into different number of lanes

System Modules

  • Accumulation conveyor module
  • Laning conveyor module
  • Laning chute
  • Outfeed conveyor (option)
  • Vision System used for product flow monitoring
  • Motion Control Unit
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