Product Overview

100% Inspection for Bakery & Snack Food Manufacturing

KPM’s EyePro vision systems are specifically tailored for high-volume baked goods and snack food producers. We design and manufacture hi-tech equipment to help food producers improve product quality, maximize productivity, optimize processes and reduce waste. These systems are able to provide 100% product inspection, process control and product handling.


  • Integrates seamlessly into existing production lines
  • 100% inspection with rejection, up to 100 objects/second
  • Variable speed inspection conveyor included
  • Operator Interface included for full control at the line
  • Various rejection mechanism choices
  • Supports multiple camera and lighting types
  • Optional bottom and side cameras enable complete 2D & 3D measurement capabilities
  • Built-in library with 100+ measurements and growing
  • Generates production metrics (uptime, throughput, etc.)


  • Know more about your product compared to manual methods
  • Make quick decisions and adjustments to the production line using the analysis data
  • Ensure that only products meeting your specifications reach the customer
  • Ensure consistent product quality between batches, shifts, and sites
  • Save costs and reduce waste, which improves your company’s bottom line
  • Protect your brand by meeting consumer expectations consistently
  • Save time with reporting, all results are saved & organized
  • Achieve competitive advantages
Vision & Thermal

Industry Solutions

When you purchase a Vision Inspection Solution from KPM, our team works closely with you to tune the system to operate based on the specifications you have established for each of the products you manufacture.

100% Inspection for Bakery and Snack Foods

Finished Product Examples:

  • Bread Products (loaves, baguettes, buns, bagels, english muffins, croissants, etc.)
  • Cookies, crackers, biscuits
  • Frozen pizza and pizza bases
  • Snack Foods (soft pretzels, cakes, muffins, etc.)

For detailed information about how Vision Inspection can assist with quality control of specific baked goods products, visit the segment pages and the individual application pages.

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Vision & Thermal

Customized Vision Inspection Solutions

Using vision technology, your products are characterized in meaningful ways, including complex details that are difficult and time-consuming with traditional manual methods. KPM provides a full range of vision inspection solutions specifically tailored for the baked goods & snack foods industries.

Common System Configurations

Customized In-Line systems that accommodate line widths from 400 mm up to 2,200 mm (16" - 86"), product throughput from 200 pcs/min up to 1,500 pcs/min. Also available are stand-alone, off-line systems for multi-product sampling measurements in laboratories or on the factory floor.

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Communication Throughout the Process

Vision technology can be implemented at various points in the production line to monitor progress and provide real-time feedback when products are falling outside of the specifications, either by way of visual alerts or by way of integration to production equipment for automated adjustments (e.g. adjust oven temperature).

Vision-Based Lane Balancing

The EyePro Laner solution ensures that packaging machines are fed by a continuous flow of evenly laned products to maximize throughput, reduce labor and save cost.

Vision & Thermal

Vision & Thermal

How It Works

In-Line vision inspection systems, also known as machine vision systems, use a selection of high-speed cameras, a laser, and imaging software to detect and measure objects as they move along the included conveyor belt.

In-Line Vision Systems for Baked Goods and Snack Foods

KPM is a leader in vision inspection solutions to the food industry. Our cutting-edge in-line vision inspection systems are specifically designed for manufacturers of baked goods and snack foods. With its advanced technology and unrivalled capabilities, this system revolutionizes quality control and ensures the highest standards of food quality and consistency. Say goodbye to manual inspections and hello to a more efficient and reliable solution.

Product-Based Specification "Models"

Vision-based quality control systems recognize and analyze many attributes simultaneously for each product that passes under the system at full line speed. These attributes, such as size, shape, and color, for example, are inspected for any deviations from your established quality specifications and, if a product doesn’t meet those criteria, rules are engaged to instruct the system how to handle the situation. This is what we refer to as the Product Model, and it’s the information from the model that enables the automated inspection process.

How Vision Inspection is Used Throughout the Production Line

Vision Process Control solutions are installed at key production stages where data visualization and optional direct feedback integration can automatically act to keep process performance on target. Final Product Inspection solutions are installed just before packaging to ensure that products going out the door meet your specifications.

Automated Rejection of Defects

The automatic rejection process is a crucial feature that ensures the removal of faulty products from the production line without manual intervention. When the system detects an abnormality or defect during the inspection process, it triggers an automated mechanism that swiftly separates and rejects the affected items. Many types of rejection mechanism can be integrated: air jets, drop or lift nosebars, retracting nosebars, sweep arms, pushers, etc. To learn more about rejection solutions, read the white paper.

Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging combines spectroscopy and imaging technologies from the Visible spectrum, to the Near Infrared (NIR) and up to the Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) spectrum. This combined technology offers the possibility for real-time and on-line image analysis of features which are impossible to measure with traditional inspection technologies (True Color Vision, Metal Detector and X-Ray).

Machine Learning AI
  • Anomaly detection
  • Automatic learning
  • Classification
Vision & Thermal

Vision System Components

Thanks to a modular hardware and software architecture, it is possible to configure a Q-Bake vision inspection solution to meet specific customer needs, and to the customer’s production line.

Available Modules

Vision Module:

  • 2D, 3D & color measurements of the top, color measurements of the bottom
  • Rejection module: multiple options available, please inquire
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Conveying system with modular belts
  • Control unit: industrial PC, industrial touch screen, stainless steel electrical cabinet
  • Inspection software with real-time statistics displayed on an integrated touch screen
  • Data collection & reporting software

Optional Integrations:

  • Metal detector with dual stage rejection mechanism
  • In-Line checkweigher
  • In-Line NIR
Vision & Thermal


Better Measurements, More Measurements, Reliably Repeatable
Automated vision inspection measurements are not subjective, meaning that they are consistently collected with better accuracy, at a much faster rate, and with better repeatability than possible by human inspectors.

Vision Inspection Measurement Capabilities

Basic Measurements

  • Area, shape, color
  • Length and width
  • Bottom inspection (optional)
  • Diameters (min, max, avg, caliper, adaptive dimensions)
  • Item counts
  • Volume and slopes
  • Heights/thickness (min, max, avg, center, edge)
  • Cross-reference 2D/3D measurements with image stacking
  • Foreign object detection

Advanced Measurements

  • Package Inspection (top & bottom, label, bar codes, seal)
  • Template match (area match %, area outside of template %, max length outside template)
  • Adaptive length & width (curve follow)
  • Shine detection
  • Roughness (variations on edges)
  • Smart thickness
  • Bun coverage
  • Blob measurements - Find & measure specific features on an object (e.g. toppings, splits, foreign materials)

Production & Productivity Data

Measuring 100% of all products also provides a wealth of key real-time production and productivity data such as:

  • Throughput and Capacity%
  • Defect % and Out-Of-Spec % (by type)
  • Uptime/Downtime %
  • Changeover Time
Vision & Thermal

Intelligent Software

EyePro System's advanced software utilizes cutting-edge technology to swiftly analyze high-resolution images, detect defects, and ensure consistent quality. It enables easy parameter setup, real-time results viewing, and comprehensive reporting.

Product Specific Software

Every Q-Bake system features a product-specific software, that takes into account all measurements of interest for the specific product, based on our experience and expertise. It is possible to implement new measurements, when the Customer requires. The user can set the limits of tolerance for each single measurement and enable/disable the parameter for the purposes of rejection.

Operator Interface

The operator interface has a set of tools, which allow the operators to interact with the system: Models, Configuration, Learning, Tolerances, Display, Inspection, Parameters, and Report. Each option is explained in more detail below.

Models/Recipes Management

Possibility to configure new product specification recipes and update/rename/delete the existing ones.

Configuration & Parameters

A set of tools to set up the main system's parameters (camera settings, calibration, diagnostics, ...)


The system is capable of learning dimensional and color features for each model, simply by inspecting “good” products. The reference parameters are stored within the model. 

Inspection Tolerances

Each measured attribute has a set of tolerances: green (target), yellow (marginal), and red (out of range). These functionalities are password protected.


Allows the real time display of the acquired images from the camera, and to test the processing parameters. This functionality is very useful during the product configuration phases to test the system’s settings.


During the real time inspection, a set of statistical information will be displayed (number of products, trend charts, mean, …). For every single checked product, the geometrical characteristics, of shape, and of color are extracted and are compared with the model parameters. The system interface displays measurement data in real time during inspection and can provide individual product measures as well as run averages. Statistical information (products counting, trends, histograms of the measurements and of the main defects detected) is displayed real time.


The EyePro System reporting module can be reached from any web browser to create and display custom reports from the data acquired by EyePro System vision inspection equipment. From the home page, you can manage accounts, generate & export custom reports, and download predefined reports.


There are 4 user levels with different permission (basic, standard, expert, support). It is possible to set multiple users at each level with their own individual passwords. This allows the tracking, in a log file, of any changes in inspection criteria or systems settings to a particular user.

Remote Support

The system is connected to the LAN at the bakery and then to the Internet. This allows KPM to provide remote support to the operators using the system. We can see exactly what the operators see and help them to resolve issues, set up new product, adjust parameters, etc.

Vision & Thermal


Vision & Thermal


We've highlighted a few knowledge center resources here to help you understand the product better. Please also visit our Knowledge Center for additional information and downloads, and don't forget that our team is always happy to answer any questions you have.