Quality Control Solutions for Chewing Gum

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Measurement Capability

  • 2D/Shape & Size - length, width, diagonal ratio, area, edge check
  • Top & Bottom Color - mean color, color evenness (Lab and BCU coordinates)

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Defects Detection Capability

  • Misshapen products
  • Out of specification products (e.g. too small, too tall, etc.)
  • Spots (light, dark)
  • Bumps
  • Wrinkled products
  • Crushed products
  • Foreign materials on product surface

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Available Configurations

  • On-Line - throughput up to 8.000 pcs/min for a belt width of 635 mm.
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Available Modules

Vision Module:

  • Top Side 2D&Color
  • Top Side 3D
  • Bottom Side Color

Rejection Module: pneumatic air nozzle rejection mechanism

Stainless Steel Frame

Conveying System with modular belts

Control Unit:

  • Industrial PC
  • Industrial Touch Screen
  • Stainless steel electrical cabinet

Inspection Software with Real-Time Statistics displayed on integrated touch screen

Data Collection & Reporting Software

Chewing Gum
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