For many processed foods, any change in the quality or consistency of raw ingredients can completely alter a recipe, leading to variations in each batch of final product. Whether these inconsistencies alter the product’s taste, texture, or general appearance, your consumers will take notice. KPM offers technologies to assess and manage the quality of food ingredients to meet consumer expectations.

Helping food producers stay innovative with technologies to measure and analyze quality right from the start.

Additives, ingredients and other seasonings and flavorings, such as cocoa or spices, are at the core of every recipe. Starches, yeast, and fermentation are also important for many food products. These components are used to enhance the taste and aroma of food products, modify the texture, appearance and mouthfeel, and to extend product shelf life. Additionally, fortifying food products with essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients can help address nutritional deficiencies and improve the nutritional value of food items.

Assessing the quality of ingredients, mixes with additives, starches, yeast, and the fermentation process is critical in the food industry. Measuring quality ensures food safety, product consistency, regulatory compliance, supplier verification, cost-effectiveness, and consumer satisfaction. Food manufacturers must produce safe, high-quality food products that meet consumer expectations and adhere to regulatory requirements because this ultimately contributes to the success and sustainability of their businesses.

Food additives and ingredients can also improve the efficiency of food processing operations. For example, enzymes can be used to speed up the fermentation process in dairy and bakery products, while antioxidants can be used to prevent oxidation and rancidity in oils and fats, extending their shelf life and reducing waste.

Developing recipes and formulations that incorporate additives and ingredients can be complex. Finding the right balance of additives and ingredients to achieve desired taste, texture, appearance, and other sensory attributes while ensuring consistency and quality can be challenging. Food companies often spend a lot of time on recipe research and development, testing, and experimentation to optimize the performance of additives and ingredients.

Addressing these challenges requires tools that can help food producers measure, test, and implement new recipes quickly or monitor the performance of the production process, such as during fermentation. The technologies ensure that food products are consistent in taste, texture and overall quality. KPM Analytics has a vast amount of experience in the food industry, with experts in near-infrared (NIR) technology, flour and dough analysis, vision inspection and AI technologies.

KPM solutions have served companies all over the world that are looking to enhance quality and stay innovative with new products that delight their customers.