Traditionally, tobacco quality analysis has been a slow, labor-intensive process, requiring operators to pull samples out of their production line and send them to their lab – or a third party – to evaluate quality parameters. However, KPM Analytics offers advanced tobacco analysis solutions to help producers rapidly analyze their products to a molecular level, ensuring a top-quality product and reducing waste from batch to batch.

Moisture is a significant parameter in tobacco processing. From green leaf threshing to primary processing, moisture not only affects smoking quality, but also storage properties, “filling properties,”tobacco wastage, and machinability.

With proven performance in harsh tobacco processing conditions, on-line near infrared (NIR) and radio frequency dielectric measurement (RF) analyzers from KPM Analytics allow for rapid, continuous measurement of moisture. In the case of NIR technology, operators can collect data on other important tobacco parameters, including:

  • Nicotine levels
  • Sugar
  • Product temperature

Every stage of the tobacco blending process can be measured and controlled with the help of on-line NIR technologies. These systems also help enable closed loop control of tobacco dryers and conditioning cylinders, helping maintain a high level of accuracy, improve brand value in a competitive market, and satisfy consumer expectations.

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