Clinical diagnostic labs have long used expensive, complex equipment requiring skilled scientific experts to perform routine analysis of samples. Thanks to recent technological advancements driven by companies like KPM Analytics, new technologies exist to help simplify and streamline clinical analysis processes. Now, labs can run several analysis parameters with a single piece of equipment, saving time, energy, space in their labs, and labor costs.

As with many aspects in the medical field, medical diagnostics applications – including enzymatic, colorimetric, and immunoturbidimetric assays – are trending toward more automated solutions to perform routine blood serum and urine sample processes.Not only can these technologies help labs process more samples with greater accuracy, but it also allows them to hire fewer senior-level clinical chemists, which can reduce labor costs.

For several decades, KPM Analytics has designed, developed, and marketed an extensive array of fully automated random access analyzers to meet the demands of today’s clinical labs. These systems process several hundred tests per hour with a wide range of reagents. Some options also include smart capabilities that remove a lot of manual aspects of clinical chemistry, such as the ability to rerun out-of-range results, real-time tracking of calibration and reaction graphs, and others.

If your clinical diagnostics lab can benefit from precise, easy-to-use discrete analysis technologies, then KPM Analytics is your partner to help automate and modernize your analysis methods.

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