Meat and poultry are part of a healthy, balanced diet and provide significant amounts of key nutrients, such as protein. With a high demand for quality meat products, food producers are challenged to provide products that consumers want to purchase repeatedly, while also making sure to keep production processes efficient and costs in line with business targets. KPM Analytics offers proven solutions designed to help food producers obtain accurate and reliable analysis data for food quality, using at-line and/or over-line inspection systems, such as vision technologies, NIR, or other analysis instruments during the production process.

The meat and poultry industry is one of the largest segments of agriculture, with billions of pounds of meat produced each year. Meat products are a great source for iron, magnesium, zinc, riboflavin, B-vitamins, and other nutrients that help your body turn food into energy. Beyond the health benefits of meat and poultry, consumers also want high-quality meat products at an affordable price. So, how do food producers meet the demand while also keeping their production costs and end prices lower for consumers?

To achieve quality while also keeping manufacturing processes efficient takes a team effort. Manufacturing engineers design large-scale systems for efficient operations, plant managers ensure operations are running as expected and solve production issues on the floor, R&D departments are creating new products to stay relevant for consumer demand, and quality assurance programs ensure the consumer will receive top quality products. These team members contribute to the end success of a food producer and employ technologies to help them succeed.

The technologies used include both at-line and lab analysis to determine quality of ingredients, moisture, oil, or other parameter measurements, or even flour and dough quality for breaded products. Over-line or in-line systems monitor products as they move through the production line and give feedback about process control and quality. The types of technologies range from ingredient analysis to Near-infrared (NIR) for moisture and oil content, to vision inspection and rejection systems.

Discover how KPM Analytics is helping food producers measure quality, protect their brand value, and reduce operational costs.  

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