The food processing industry – with its several thousand companies and trillions of dollars in sales globally – is built on quality, consistency, and convenience to the consumer. Prepared foods are a significant segment of the food processing industry and inherently have among the strictest quality standards. From analyzing incoming ingredients for quality parameters to the visual inspection of finished food products before packaging, KPM Analytics technologies provide vital information to help food processors take greater command of their prepared foods operation.

When you consider how much we do in a single day – attending work, school, or other appointments, running errands, or meeting friends and family for social activities – finding time to prepare a complete meal from scratch on a daily basis can be a challenge. As a result, prepared foods such as frozen meals, snack packs, and others, are a popular food category that helps us continue with our busy lives.

Consumers expect their prepared foods to be consistent from meal-to-meal, from the raw ingredients to the overall appearance of the final product. With the help of analysis technologies from KPM Analytics – either at-line or integrated into the manufacturing process – many of these quality variables can be measured and controlled to meet consumer expectations.

·      Control of Moisture, Oil, Fat, Protein, and other Important Parameters: Whether for analyzing incoming ingredients, quality control of the mixing or cooking process, or for verifying the final prepared product, KPM Analytics offers a variety of near infrared (NIR) instrumentation that can apply virtually anywhere in the production process. These technologies have a long history of providing quality data for baked goods, processed meat and cheese, fruits and vegetables, and several other products commonly used in prepared foods.

·      Visual Inspection of Final Product: Manual observation of prepared foods – such as assessing the shape, color, or toppings of a product passing through the production line – is a laborious process that is also susceptible to human error. Incorporating vision inspection technologies from KPM Analytics, which utilize high-speed cameras and advanced algorithms, can help companies achieve a higher level of consistency of their outgoing prepared foods, while also reducing labor costs.

Quality assurance technologies such as these help food processing companies ensure a positive consumer experience, leading to better production efficiency, less waste, and improved brand value.

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