As the global population continues to grow, it has never been more important for agriculture producers to take responsibility and employ methods to ensure the long-term sustainability of our planet – in particular, the soil used to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other important food products. KPM Analytics is a leading provider of solutions to analyze soil for nutrients that are vital for growing plants and crops consumed by humans and animals, or for detecting pollutants that could impact and the global ecosystem.

There is a lot more to soil than what can be seen from its surface. Soil is at the core of all food production; whether it used to grow the fruits and vegetables consumed by humans, or crops harvested into forages to feed livestock.

However, soil properties vary significantly from region to region. Some areas of the world may have a moister, clay soil; others may have a dryer silt-base, or more rocky, dense characteristics. As a result, the type of soil and the balance of its nutrient levels directly affect the ability to grow plants in a healthy, sustainable way.

With the help of discrete analyzers from KPM Analytics, researchers, agricultural labs, and regulatory agencies, have solutions for better and faster environmental analysis of multiple matrices and parameters relating to soil quality. These technologies help:

  • Optimize farm production by aiding in the diagnosis of plant/crop diseases, as well as fertilizer selection.
  • Quickly and easily evaluate pH, nitrogen, phosphorous, sugars, and other critical nutrients that can impact soil quality.
  • Assess the impacts of pollutants and/or contaminants – either from industrial, chemical, or agricultural waste –that could pose risks to environment.

With growing awareness for the need to protect our planet on a world-wide scale, these tools can help provide in-depth analysis of an increasing number of soil samples for routine testing or high-volume continuous monitoring applications.

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