When you consider just how diverse the dairy products industry is – from the endless array of cheese varieties, cultured products, and beverages that are on the market today – there is a lot of scientific know-how that goes into the development of differentiated dairy products. From methods to continuously monitor dairy acidity, tools to evaluate important parameters of raw ingredients or finished products, and at-line or over-line visual inspection of processed dairy products, KPM Analytics offers several solutions to help dairy product producers command their operations and cultivate brand value.

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Segment Overview

Dairy products are a common staple and important part of our diet. Globally, several hundred million metric tons of raw milk is produced and processed into fresh pasteurized milk, milk powders, and whey products, along with butter, cheeses, cultured products, ice cream, and many others.

As raw milk is a commodity, many dairy products are price-competitive, which makes consistent and efficient production essential for generating a profit. Virtually every step and ingredient used in the production of dairy products must be of a specified quality and composition. Incorporating methods to accurately measure these parameters – from the moment raw milk arrives to the processing plant until the final product leaves for distribution – is a must for dairy processing plants.

Many of these measures have quantifiable parameters that can be analyzed or controlled with solutions from KPM Analytics. These include:

Technology to monitor and analyze dairy acidification activity: KPM Analytics offers solutions to test multiple milk samples simultaneously and provide the insight needed for precise development, test, and process control of fermentation ingredients. These solutions meet ISO 26323|IDF 213, the industry standard for determining dairy culture acidification activity by continuous pH measurement.

Technology to measure and analyze moisture, MPC and WPC protein, and liquid whey: Dairy production plants can measure these important parameters with the help of near-infrared (NIR) solutions from KPM Analytics. This applies to the analysis of raw, incoming ingredients, or assessing quality of the final product.

Technology to visually inspect dairy food products before packaging: In the case of snack cheese production, KPM Analytics offers at-line, over-line and in-line vision inspection technologies to quantify the size, shape, and color of products before they are packaged.

Consumers can taste quality, and with the help of KPM Analytics, dairy brands can ensure a world class product that sets them apart from competitors.


Chemical & Clinical

With over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing analytical instrumentation and tests for medical diagnostics, environmental, and agri-food applications,

Moisture & Compositional

Perform fast and accurate analysis of moisture and other important parameters at critical stages of your process.

Vision & Thermal

Vision inspection solutions are used for quality control and production automation and have demonstrated that they can improve product quality, increase line productivity, and reduce operating costs.

Vision & Thermal

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