KPM Analytics is backed up by 100+ years of experience developing advanced products and processes for quality assurance and process control in food manufacturing

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Segment Overview

Approximately, US$200 Billion is spent each year on baked goods, one of the most popular food markets. Food manufacturers generate their success by providing high-quality products to consumers on a consistent basis, and baked goods are no exception. As with the majority of food products, production developments, competition, and cultural influences have given consumers a wider range of options than ever before.

However, the production of baked goods provides many challenges since there are a multitude of input variables that can affect product quality. Traditional manual methods for quality control are slow, labor intensive, and often yield subjective results and although the expenditure on raw ingredients may seem low, bakeries frequently operate on tiny margins as a result of energy, production, and labor costs.

This is where KPM Analytics comes in. 100+ years of experience developing advanced products and automated processes for quality assurance and process control in food manufacturing - starting with analysis of raw ingredients and products throughout the preparation and baking process to Vision Inspection of finished goods, and for companies ranging in size from small start-ups to large Fortune 500 multinational food manufacturers, uniquely qualifies us as experts in the production of high quality baked goods.

KPM Analytics manufactures instruments used to analyze a multitude of parameters such as viscoelastic characteristics, mixing, proofing and baking properties; as well as the quality parameters of finished goods such as color, size, shape, and other physical properties.

Baked Goods
Baked Goods

Moisture & Compositional

Perform fast and accurate analysis of moisture and other important parameters at critical stages of your process.

Moisture & Compositional

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Functional & Rheological

Functional and Rheological Analyzers for the characterization and analysis of the key properties of flour and grains to help manufacturers produce consistently high-quality baked goods and snack foods.

Vision & Thermal

Vision inspection solutions are used for quality control and production automation and have demonstrated that they can improve product quality, increase line productivity, and reduce operating costs.