The tree and its wood have played an important role in human life and have been used by humans since early Palaeolithic times. Wood is a highly versatile material and remains the preferred choice when it comes to construction, flooring, furniture, shipbuilding, tools and fuel. The durability of wood is often a function of water or moisture content; and companies within the wood product manufacturing industry are continuously working on improving the quality and durability of their engineered wood products, relying heavily on the ability to monitor moisture and other key constituents.

The moisture monitoring needed to ensure the quality, durability and consistency of wood products requires reliable and repeatable technology that provides proven results year after year. For over two decades, Process Sensors Corporation® (PSC) has provided accurate and reliable near infrared (NIR) transmitters to wood manufacturers, enabling better quality control and cost savings. NIR wood moisture sensors from PSC produce robust and repeatable measurements of moisture, along with resins, wax and other parameters with no need for routine maintenance or calibration. Custom-designed enclosures allow PSC’s wood moisture analyzers to be installed in exceptionally harsh environments throughout multiple wood processes.  

KPM Analytics has worldwide sales and support offices to assist on projects from initial scope and estimation of potential ROI to installation and integration of your system with responsive support after the sale. We have vast knowledge and experience in a myriad of applications for wood manufacturing companies:

  • MDF moisture
  • OSB moisture
  • Wood chip moisture            
  • Wood pellets moisture
  • Sawdust moisture              
  • Hog fuel moisture
  • Pulp moisture                      
  • Particleboard moisture

To learn more about the ways we can help you meet your quality and waste reduction goals, fill out the contact form to the right and one of our experts will reach out to speak more about how moisture meters for wood can benefit your wood product manufacturing company.

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