Product Overview

Single-Scanner Operation with Advanced Functionality

The Process Sensors Guardian-HD Essential Web Profile Analyzer is a single-scanner operation to measure moisture, coat weight, and temperature (optional) for all paper, film, and web-converting processes for both wet-end and dry-end applications. It features a Near Infrared (NIR) sensor that connects to a traversing frame that continually scans material across the width of the web for real-time analysis of important quality parameters.

Guardian-HD provides a non-contact, non-destructive on-line measurement of a complete zoned web profile, helping operators reduce quality issues caused by improper moisture control, including edge curl and lay flat challenges. This translates to improved quality and consistency, less waste, and a quick return on investment.


  • Advanced functionality for operators to scan multiple constituents
  • Record data cross 50 total measurement zones & up to 100 different recipes (products)
  • 12” graphical touch-screen display included
  • Lane (move and park) feature allows operator to focus the NIR scanner on specific regions of the web
  • Easy calibration, operation, and standardization
  • Easily connect to closed-loop control systems or local alarms
  • Configurations available to monitor and control multiple Guardian-HD systems simultaneously
  • Optional Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP/IP interface, or OPC server


  • Reduce waste by instantly identifying production inefficiencies
  • Minimize edge curl and lay flat issues with 100% real-time inspection of moisture, coat weight, thickness, and temperature of converting lines
  • Decrease manual start-up times by 20%, eliminating the need for time-consuming lab testing and adjustments
  • Automatic edge detection feature senses roll width to streamline set-up processes, and realigns to accommodate web drift
  • Rugged, sealed industrial frame and linear actuator withstands hot and humid environments common with paper and converting processes
  • Each system can be customized to the width of the web, along with the ability to position the NIR sensor wherever it is needed
Moisture & Compositional


Rugged NIR Scanning for a Complete Zoned Web

Moisture and coat weight measurements can be made on many substrates including paper, film, foil, textiles, release liners, tags, tapes and labels. The Guardian-HD Web Profiling System is commonly used in the following applications:

  • Hot melt & film thickness
  • Wet end water based coat weight
  • Dry end organic coat weight
  • Exit and inlet dryer moisture
  • Re-moisturizers (LAS, steam curtains and water decks)
  • Moisture and coatings on paper webs
  • Paper pulp
  • Thickness of hot melts
  • Thickness of pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Thickness of water-based adhesives
  • Plastic film thickness
  • Biax film
  • PVB & EVA film
  • Exit and inlet dryer moisture measurement
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Moisture & Compositional


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Moisture & Compositional

How It Works

Continuous Scanning of the Full Web Profile

The Guardian-HD Series features an NIR sensor that is connected to a traversing frame to continually scan the full-width of a web profile for moisture and coat weight parameters. Real-time data is presented on an easy-to-understand touchscreen display for cross direction web profiling, lane and machine direction measurements. In some configurations, larger displays with Windows®-based software are available for monitoring multiple line profiles at a single central console.

All Guardian-HD Series configurations allow for USB data-logging with the ability to export to .csv, .xml or .txt file formats.

Each Guardian-HD frame is custom-built for its specific application, and the analysis software can be pre-programmed for specific recipe codes for the material it is analyzing. The NIR sensor can also be positioned in different ways to accommodate reflective surfaces (common with wet-end coating applications) as well as horizontal, vertical, and under-side scanning.

Moisture & Compositional

System Components

All components of the Guardian-HD Essential are ruggedized and specified to operate for several years in challenging conditions. Unlike nuclear and X-Ray systems, Guardian-HD Essential does not require costly regulation compliance or safety certifications. Each unit is custom-built for its specific application. System components include:

  • Industrial scanning frame
  • An NIR smart sensor
  • Local, easy-to-read touch screen display with non-Windows® based software
Moisture & Compositional


The Guardian-HD Essential system can be positioned horizontally, vertically, or for under-side viewing of material.

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Moisture & Compositional

Food Grade Option

Food Production Applications

The Guardian-HD sensor is available with a food-grade electroless nickel finish and sapphire window (or KEL-F) for food production applications. This allows companies to scan a full array of product entering or exiting a fryer or oven.

Moisture & Compositional


  • Hi / low moisture-only calibration check standards
  • Data bus interfaces
  • Simultaneous temperature measurement
  • 4X alarm relays
  • Light stack alarm
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Moisture & Compositional


The Guardian-HD Essential is sold standard with non-Windows®-based software that presents data in an easy-to-understand format. These configurations include optional USB raw data-logging capabilities to save and export data to. csv, .xml, or .txt files for additional analysis.

Moisture & Compositional


Power 90-260VA
Number of Constituents Up to 2 (NIR + Product Temperature)
Calibration Codes/Recipes 100
Ambient Temperature 0 – 50°C (32 – 120°F) with air cooling up to 80°C (160°F)
Scanning Frame Outputs 3X 4-20mA Selectable Sources; Live NIR Value; Scan NIR Average Values; Live Temperature Scan & Scan Temperature Average Value
Scanning Frame Inputs Web Break; Web Length; Cooling Air; Sensor Window Purge
Moisture Range Min. 0.1%, Max. 95%
Moisture Accuracy +/- 0.1%
Coatings Range Min. 0.1 GSM, Max. 250 GSM
Coatings Accuracy +/- 0.1 gr/m
Repeatability +/- 0.1%
Operator Interface 12 in. Touchscreen: Non-PC Based, Single-Frame Operation, Cross Web Profile, Machine Direction Trends
Analysis Profiles 2
Interface Communication to Frame RS485
Interface Power 24 VDC from Frame
Moisture & Compositional